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Application examples and customer references

Data acquisition systems are frequently used for testing products and quality control. These include mechanical systems such as pumps, compressors, turbines, motors, vehicle and train parts, process control systems, and also for domestic appliances and semi-professional equipment such as heater systems, cookers, coffee machines, cold stores, refrigerators, air conditioners and ventilators. A single computer can be used to monitor and control several test rigs simultaneously. Modular hardware and Windows software are the perfect tools to perform many and/or complex tests in relatively short time.

Seismic measurement system for the analysis of ground vibrations

test rig at Delft Geophysical B.V.

Performance testing industrial pumps

test room at WEIR Minerals
View into the test room of the GEHO pump manufacturer

Production testing of chicken grill ovens

Oven test system

Some installed Windmill packages in the Netherlands and Belgium :

AKZO Data logging from laboratory instruments with RS-232 interface (LabIML)
Albany International b.v. Data logging and trend analysis of machine parameters
A.O. Smith Water Heaters b.v. Test rig instrumentation for gas and electric boilers
Bakker & Co b.v. Several weather station display systems
Belkoned Marine Service b.v. Recording position data from a G.P.S. satellite using N.M.E.A. protocol
E.C.N. Endurance testing of materials with thermocouples
ENECO N.V. Data logging and visualisation of energy consumption data
Elektrorail b.v. Measurement and logging of thermocouple signals
Elektrosmeltzwerk b.v. Interfacing and display of massflow controllers using Flowbus DDE software
Exxon Chemical n.v. Recording and control of thermo balances and massflow controllers (Flowbus)
Flohr Instruments Recording and alarm signaling of temperatures in environmental test chambers
Hoogovens Staal b.v. Monitoring pressure and temperatures in steel plant machinery
I.M.A.G. - DLO Mobile logging and control system for testing agricultural machines
INTRON - Bodemtech b.v. 12 channel pH measurement and recording system
I.W.C. Chemische Produkten b.v. Data logging thermocouple signals in an experimental installation
K.U. - Leuven Pharmacologie Data logging PT-100 sensors in autoclaves
n.v. K.I.W.A. Mobile system for electrochemical field data logging
NEBEST b.v. Recording electrochemical parameters in concrete specimen
Océ Nederland b.v. Thermocouple measurements in copying machines
Pelgrim b.v. Thermocouple measurements on cooking appliances
Pittsburg Corning n.v. Data logging strain gauges for materials testing
Rijkswaterstaat Measurement and analysis of flow signals in rivers
R.I.V.M. Data logging from 8 instruments with RS-232 interface (LabIML)
S.G.S. - Ecocare Recording emission parameters around waste burning installations
Shell Research Data logging pressure bridge transducers with alarming
Smith Holland b.v. Temperature and pressure data logging in coolant pipes
Tebunus - Tos B.V. Data logging 20 mA process signals for quality control
TNO Bouw Recording gas concentrations inside buildings
TNO Defensie Data logging of thermocouple signals
TNO Industrie Data logging of thermocouple and LVDT signals in creep test rigs
TNO Voeding Data logging of thermocouple and weight signals in cooking ovens
Trioflam b.v. Recording thermocouple signals and emission parameters in air
Triple-P Labinfo Systems b.v. Data logging from analysers with RS-232 interface
T.U. - Delft Student experiments for determining thermal isolation of building materials
Universiteit Antwerpen Recording oxygen concentrations from serial instruments (LabIML)
Universiteit Twente Material stress tests with thermocouples
Hogeschool Zeeland Student experiments for control engineering education